Developments in harvesting discovery metadata

The discovery metadata harvest process is currently in rapid development. The harvest works fine,  but there are major modifications under development in the quality assurance procedures for the harvested information. In the current situation this may cause some of the havest streams to go unfiltered (or less quality controlled than planned) into the the NorDataNet site. This can imply that some datasets are not fully ingested due to insufficient discovery metadata. Insufficiencies can be on the originator side or at the handling side in NorDatanet.

System update

The system has been upgraded again. During the last upgrade some other issues at the data centre also affected the upgrade, but all systems are now back to nominal operation. The work on ingesting harvested discovery metadata is ongoing. Currently harvest streams have been established between the central node and the data centres operated by the Norwegian Polar Institute, Institute of Marine Research, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Not all harvest processes run as smooth as expected yet, but discovery metadata are now ingested.

Catalogue trouble

Following an upgrade of the front- and backend services of the catalogue, the catalogue search engine was restructured yesterday and reindexing of datasets initiated. During the evening of November 21 a hardware outage prevented completion of the reindexing process. Due to this, the catalogue is yet not properly populated. This work will continue once hardware issues have been fixed.

Opinions on the national policy of open science?

The Research Council of Norway is inviting relevant communities to provide input on the policy for open science. The policy is focusing on 3 major items

  1. open science processes
  2. open innovation
  3. involvement and citizen science

The deadline for input is February 1, 2019. For further information check out the information in RCN web pages (in Norwegian).