Data Sets Are Foundational to Research. Why Don’t We Cite Them?

A new article, "Data Sets Are Foundational to Research. Why Don’t We Cite Them?", in Mathematical Geophysics addresses the issue of dataset citation. In the summary part "Critical Fixes to Ensure Sustainable Data Citation" it states

Working with Sigma2 storage resources?

Many users are not familiar with the command line interfaces used by most *nix based systems. These systems are the backbone of scientific programming and storage systems. Windows user may want to have a look at this article in order to work with the storage resources within Sigma2 NIRD for a graphical user interface.

Want to use the software you develop in 10 years?

A challenge to scientists writing software to do their science was published in Nature recently. Please check out the Challenge to scientists: does your ten-year-old code still run? at The paper has many good reflections that are useful for scientists chosing how to work with software.